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Channel Up

Channel Up

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A yellow steel train runs
Through the seas
And carries my cured heart

Neons light the abyss like wine
Delutes time
I’ve bled and I’ve cried in
Your starry blue bed arch
That never dried

You’re all that I wanted and I’m terrified
To channel up

And I don’t know you yet but you’re already the best friend that I will ever have

My heart beats faster in Dover
Folkstone I’ve been so alone
Ashford Ebsfleet Stratford damn
I’m coming I’m coming

It’s been a month I’ve been holding my breath
It’s been a while I’m quite dry
D’you want me like I want you
D’you want me now

Ah ouh
Ah ouh
Ah ouh
Ah ouh


Live session, 2021-01-28

Three tracks recorded in our studio. The shooting was a test before recording the Tadam Records’ bands the next days.

Channel Up
Still Wonder
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