Sound of the Void

Hot Void Fondues

2024-02-03 : an EP is on its way! It is called Underpass. More about it later.

2021-06-05: videos! This winter, the bands from the Tadam Records label have been shoot live in our studio. We took the opportunity to gatecrash and now we can share with you the three tracks we recorded.

2020-09-19: added some pictures

Escaped from nowhere, SOUND OF THE VOID only plays in empty venues. The imploding trio (Alice, Laurent and Marie-Claude) comes savagely with the disappearance of mankind and eggplant caviar. Equipped with their DIY kits, the SOUND OF irradiate a psycho-bumpkin punk in a magma of cosmic distortions that shouldn’t disappoint the greatest criminals from the 21st century.

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